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Best slim trash cans

simplehuman 18 Liters

The simplehuman is an 18 liters Butterfly lid kitchen step trash can made of stainless steel that prevent smudges and fingerprint spots .

It features a small and innovative lid that opens from the center for a full clearance under low counterparts.

Specially designed dumpers control the motion of the lid facilitating a quite closing of the lid.

This faucet is sleek making most use of tight spaces and blending with other house appliances. It has strong and durable Custom liners that are neatly hidden.

The trash can has a dimension of 7.7"W x 15.6"D x 21.8"H and 24.6"H with lid open

iTouchless SoftStep

This is a stainless steel ,finger print proof, smudge resistant and very easy to clean trash can that adds a bit of class to your kitchen.

The steel lid is perfectly weighted to provide a perfect resistance for a seamless and smooth opening experience, you don't have the struggle to lift heavy lid to open the can.

To retain the can open you just release the pedal and put the lid up. It has a removable inner bucket that slides smoothly in and out of the can easing taking out and emptying trash.

It has a quite lid close facilitated by patent-pending replaceable air dumper The sleek smooth design saves on space so you do not require any dedicated space to place it.

Product dimensions are 13 L x 16.75 W x 26 H inches and (36.75 H inches with lid open)

simplehuman 18 Liters

With a dimension of 19.2 * 10.2 * 25.2 this can fit in tight spaces with its skinny shape

It’s a 40 liters black slim plastic can that can fit between cabinets. This can is ideal for office, kitchen or any place that you need to throw rubbish.

The slide lock locks the lid shut making it harder for pets and children getting into. The lid stays open when you lift it up for 90 degrees which is good when dumping scraps off into the can.

Can liners are made from durable plastic with thick double seams to prevent rips and tars, this help to keep the garbage in the bag and not on the floor or bottom of the trash can.

The plastic material is very easy to clean and fingerprint-proof.The wide and square mouth allow large trash items to be easily easily disposed.

This is a perfect trash can for those who live in a small space.

Home Zone Step Kitchen Trash Can

HomeZone stainless steel Rectangular trash can holds up to 45 liters and uses a 13 gallon trash bag that is pretty enough to hold your trash for enough period.

The pedals have a durable design which makes it easy to lift the lid without using your hands. The stainless steel body preserve the clean and the can stylish look.

It has a removable plastic pail that make the cleaning and taking out trash easy, the rubber band holds the bag into place maintaining a clean look of the can.

It measures 10.79 * 20.2 * 27.6 long this are enough dimension to save and make efficient use of your kitchen space.

The high quality stainless steel material resist fingerprints and smudges plus it very easy to clean.

A slow close lid ensures smooth and silent close so you don’t have the bang noise as a result of a steady close. Steady close may result to splashing of waste to the outside of the trash.

This can will help you make the most out of the very limited space in your home. This can weighs 14.3 pounds making it stand stable and difficult from being dropped by pets.

Levpet 13-Gallon trash can

This is an automatic kitchen trash can that employs infrared technology. To use the can you simply place your hand or anything about six inches away from the sensor which opens instantly.The lid then closes automatically after realizing the trash.

To open the lid manually there are two buttons that open and close the lid. This automation prevent contamination reducing threats to illness and infections.

It is operated by 4D size batteries and due to its energy saving technology batteries can stay 20% longer. Does not support ac adaptor.

Its stainless steel material is fingerprint proof and best for kitchen, office and living room. It has a dimension of 11.37 * 16.10 * 25.31